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Serendipity Day
August 18th

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Dear Friends,

The response to the Serendipity Day holiday celebration on August 18th was so overwhelming, that I’ve decided to do something to help people make every day a Serendipity Day!

So . . . I am joining forces with Charlotte McGinnis, Healing Interfaith Minister Extraordinaire” and Randy Gilbert, “Dr. Proactive” – to reach out to the rapidly expanding group of powerful and enlightening teachers and healers all around me and invite all of you to become ‘Serendipreneurs.’

We would like to invite you to share your expertise and message of enlightenment and empowerment as a part of "The Power of Serendipity to Transform Your Life!" book project – a book that will feature the expertise and message of up to 30 of you to help others transform their lives, find their purpose, and live the life they are meant to be living.

We are right in the midst of an exciting time of Spirituality and Transformation!  World class healers, teachers and spiritual pioneers are congregating to share their insights and messages at this pivotal time in history, joining forces so they can help as many people as possible in this time of change!  

Being a contributing author in a book with like-minded and similarly motivated healers, teachers and authors will allow you to get your message out to people all over the world and help more people than you ever could from a single, individual platform.  

To learn more about this excitingly unique collaborative opportunity to . . .   

*  Join with up to 30 leading edge teachers, facilitators and healers with a mutual interest in promoting the venture

*  Be a part of worldwide teleseminars and expos with your "Serendipity" team

*  Gain notoriety as an Author and instant Expert status in your field!

*  Expand your contacts and audience exponentially!

Please visit … http://www.madeleinekay.com/authorinvite.html  for details.

We look forward to welcoming you as a fellow ‘Serendipreneur’. . .  
and joining us in this exciting new journey of transformation and empowerment!

Live Serendipitously . . . and EnjOy!

Madeleine Kay
“The Serendipity Lady”

P.S. Please go to http://www.madeleinekay.com/authorinvite.html  now and join me on this wonderful adventure.
Madeleine Kay

Madeleine Kay is the Best Selling Author of Serendipitously Rich and Living Serendipitously. Adventurist, unconventional success and motivation coach, maverick entrepreneur. . . and serendipity catalyst, she has been featured in Who's Who of American Women and Who's Who in the World.

She speaks four languages, has been a resident of three continents, been a university instructor and international fashion model on two continents, run her own advertising and marketing agency, wrote commentaries for the CBS affiliate in Miami and was even an actor in film, television and a music video.

Considered America's leading expert on Serendipity, she brings the wisdom, passion and playfulness of serendipity sprinkled with her own unique brand of practical, down-to-earth common sense to help people get, claim and enjoy the joy and riches they desire.

Madeleine is the founder of Serendipity Day, a national holiday celebrated on August 18th. You can visit her at www.MadeleineKay.com